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Registering to save lives is easy. You can do it 24/7 at You can also register when renewing your driver license or State ID card. If you are not able to sign up online or while obtaining your license you can email us at jennifer(at)  and we will mail you a form to fill out and mail back to the state registry. Please be sure to inform your loved ones about your decision and encourage them to register also.


The Katie Caples Foundation relies on the support of hundreds of amazing and committed volunteers who give their time and talents in a variety of capacity. Positions range from administrative support to event logistics. If you are interested in volunteering with us, please contact our offices at: 904-491-0811.  And to learn more about volunteering for the Katie Ride, visit us here!

Support the Katie Caples Foundation

The Katie Caples Foundation is committed to increasing the number of registered organ donors and eliminating the wait for the more than 125,000 adults and children in need of a life-saving transplant. Currently 87% of all Americans believe in organ donation but only 44% are registered organ donors. The Katie Caples Foundation is committed to eradicating that disparity in numbers.

Our public programs raise awareness and educate individuals about registering to become an organ donor. We currently provide funding for two educators who deliver over 125 public programs each year, reaching more than 15,000 potential organ donor registrants in high schools and community centers across the region. Their efforts have resulted in impressive success as the Donor Designation Rate (the number of people who register to be an organ donor) in the areas we serve exceed the national average by more than 20%.

The Foundation is developing numerous programs to build upon this success and welcomes like-minded individuals and organizations to partner in the funding of these programs. We are indebted to the support of our donors and partners; we know we cannot do this without you.

To learn more about where your support goes you can access our recent Form 990 IRS filing here.

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To learn how to support a specific program, please contact us at  info(at)

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